GSI Opportunities

About GSI Investments

GSI provides clients with personalized attention for all their real estate acquisition and management needs.

Identify. Locate. Acquire. Develop. Manage. Sell.

GSI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Together with GSI Construction and GSI Management,  we provide full service Real Estate investment opportunities.

Yehuda Goldman | President 

Mr. Goldman is a licensed real estate broker with a degree in Business Real Estate from the University of Texas at Arlington. He’s led a successful career in real estate since 2006. His business savvy covers every aspect of the market, making him an invaluable asset for clients looking to add real estate to their portfolios.

Naor Shimon | Director of Operations – Legal Transaction Exec.

Mr. Shimon is licensed by the Bar Association of Israel. He graduated from Bar Ilan University, where he studied law and economics. His real estate experience, strong work ethic and attention to detail make him a true professional. Clients have come to appreciate the peace of mind Mr. Shimon offers through his guidance and expertise.